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November 26, 2021
Living On The Saluda River
June 29, 2022
For many of us, the thought of building the custom home we've always dreamed of in a place where we've always wanted to live is amazing! Everyone has a vision of what the perfect home would have to offer - a gourmet kitchen, a huge walk in closet, an entertainment room you'd never want to leave - but pair that with the absolute perfect place - gorgeous scenery, the perfect community, quiet serenity, an easy drive to work - and you're in ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. If there's any chance for perfection in where you choose to live your life, building your vision of home on your own lot is IT, and the benefits of building a custom home on your land doesn't stop there. If you're starting with a blank canvas in the home-building process, your chances of getting nearly every option you and your family want can not be better. But are there other benefits beyond getting what you want? The benefits of building on your own lot certainly go far beyond that. 

Limitless Options

If you own the land and have a great custom homebuilder (like Lady Street Builders), you are basically starting with a blank canvas and can have whatever you like.  As long as the property has the proper building conditions, your home design can be whatever you want it to be.  Buying an already built home has a very slim chance of delivering that kind of perfection for you. 

When you buy your own lot, the only limit you have to building your dream home on it is your imagination. 

No HOA Restrictions

Unless your property is already located in an established neighborhood, you won't have to deal with any community restrictions like outside design, color, or driveway positioning. Some neighborhoods restrict square footage and/or dictate the percentage of brick your home may have. Another benefit of building on your own land is that none of those restrictions will be placed on you. You can do anything you want with your outdoor or indoor spaces and your home can look however you want it to. You also won't have to pay HOA fees! 

Getting The Outdoor Space

Choosing your own lot that your custom home doesn't limit you to getting the outdoor space you've always wanted. If you choose a lot that is big enough, you can have a big dog yard and a pool - If you choose a lot that's small enough, you won't spend hours mowing the lawn and pruning the trees. Point is, again, you can have what you want and do what you want with it! The benefit of building on your land is that you've hopefully chosen that particular piece of property because you love it. 

Build On Your Investment

If you're sitting on a piece of property that you haven't improved upon, building a custom home on it can only build on your investment. 

Getting More Flexibility

Benefits to building on your own land also include getting more flexibility to build outer buildings in the future. If you want to create a guest house for your in-laws, or a garage large enough for your cars and a boat, you have the freedom to expand. You never know what your home might need down the road to suit your life. 

Our friends at Lady Street Builders are more than happy to help you bring your vision of home to life in the place where you’ve always wanted to live. Their Build On Your Lot Program includes a comprehensive approach that engages all facets of the construction process from their client’s hopes and dreams.

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We hope you now see the benefits of building on your own lot. The central location of The Reserve On The Saluda is a major draw for successful professionals who’d like to enjoy easy access to the city but, at the same time, wish to live in a more secluded, natural setting. The Reserve On The Saluda is an oasis where the sounds of a bustling city are replaced by birdsong the river rushing by. If you find you'd love to live in nature's beauty surrounded by mature trees and along the gorgeous Saluda, CONTACT US today.

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