January 19, 2024

Experience The River Wild

Kayak, canoe or tube down the cool waters of our rivers with the Columbia skyline as your backdrop. You’ll pass beneath shady trees and historic bridges as you go with the natural flow of the water. You may even spot a bald eagle along the way! The rivers attract all sorts of wildlife and wonderments that the whole world should want to see. If you want to experience the river wild, the Saluda, Broad and Congaree Rivers are a great place to start.
December 27, 2023

Why Buy Land

By now you know that The Reserve on the Saluda offers a unique opportunity to purchase waterfront property in a secure, gated, riverfront community in West Columbia.  Having the perfect piece of property to build a home on is a dream for many folks, but why buy land instead of purchasing an existing home?  The land will need to be perfect and you'll want to have a plan to build your home.  If you are in the market to buy undeveloped land — or just intrigued by the prospect — let’s break down what you need to know, whether it’s for investment or for homeownership.
November 14, 2023

Winter On The Saluda River

There’s a stillness that comes with rivers in winter months. Many rivers freeze over up north, while our Saluda River keeps moving in cooler weather and rarely sees ice. But they all know winter.  The sound of water running over rocks is almost more palpable as a brisk wind flows over the river and hits your cheeks. As fish retreat further underwater to conserve their warmth, as birds have flown south to follow warmer temperatures, as friends once sunbathing on riverbanks now gather at their houses around a fire, the feeling a winter river brings is noticeably different. Winter on the Saluda River is still a gorgeous place to be.
October 17, 2023

Historic Roots Of Columbia SC

Roots run deep here in Columbia SC, and not just under old oak trees. From Civil War destruction to the fight for equality through the powerful Civil Rights Movement, South Carolina's capital city has a historic story to tell. In the heart of the Historic Columbia honors our city’s rich history and continues to tell that story. The preserved house museums, with more than 6,500 housed artifacts, are available for self-declared historians to view and admire daily. We hope you'll learn more about the historic roots of Columbia SC in this blog!
August 15, 2023

Three Rivers Run Through Columbia, SC

Right near the South Carolina State House in the middle of beautiful downtown Columbia (aka Cola aka Soda City aka Capital City of SC), you can dawn your waders and go fly fishing for trout, bravely paddle Class IV whitewater, serenely float down a lazy river and zip line from the trees over that water. What other capital city has as much to offer as Columbia? And the three rivers run through it!

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