August 25, 2022

Building On Your Own Land

Building a custom home is a dream for many, but before construction can commence, you have to purchase the land. Our tips for purchasing land to build on can help you simplify the process and eliminate unwanted surprises.
August 24, 2022

Three Rivers Run Through It

Right near the South Carolina State House in the middle of beautiful downtown Columbia (aka Cola aka Soda City aka Capital City of SC), you can dawn your waders and go fly fishing for trout, bravely paddle Class IV whitewater, serenely float down a lazy river and zip line from the trees over that water. What other capital city has as much to offer as Columbia? And the three rivers run through it!
June 29, 2022

Living On The Saluda River

The main stream of South Carolina’s Saluda River joins the Broad River at Columbia to form the Congaree River. The Saluda Dam (created in1930) impounds Lake […]
March 25, 2022

Benefits Of Building On Your Own Lot

and the benefits of building a custom home on your land doesn't stop there. If you're starting with a blank canvas in the home-building process, your chances of getting nearly every option you and your family want can not be better. But are there other benefits beyond getting what you want? The benefits of building on your own lot certainly go far beyond that. 
March 11, 2022

River Things To Do

From its origins in the Blue Ridge Mountains north of Greenville to downtown Columbia, the Saluda River flows through South Carolina for 200 miles, creating a wide array of recreational opportunities along the way. As warmer weather approaches, the Saluda River offers many things to do for water-loving folks. From trout fishing to tubing to kayaking, the river offers something for everyone. You can walk the trails along the Saluda's forested banks, go zip-lining over the water or rock hopping across shoals. Kayakers and canoeists can paddle through quiet stretches of the river or brave rip-roaring rapids for a thrilling adventure ride.
November 26, 2021

Columbia For The Holidays

The streets of The Vista, Five Points, Devine Street, and the Main Street District will soon be dawned with twinkly lights and wreaths. It's a time when the capital city becomes even more magical than its usual charm. Beyond the beauty, it's hard to be bored during the holidays. 

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