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If you happened to visit The Reserve On The Saluda this week, you may notice some very unusual lot clearing going on. Not mowers and trimmers - GOATS. Contrary to popular belief, goats won't eat absolutely everything. They don't like trash or paper especially. They DO eat unwanted vegetation, overbearing brush and invasive plants. Goats are great land managers that can clear out your homesite without the loud, gas-guzzling machinery or harmful herbicides. Here's why GOATs make great land managers:

Leave The Job To Them

If you’ve run a bush hog under the heat of the summer sun, you’ll appreciate that goats are a less labor intensive land clearing method than operating machinery. Goats don’t require fuel, spare parts or repairs, making them considerably less expensive than heavy equipment. The residue from herbicides used to clear land can be toxic to humans, animals and pollinators. If you want to clear land for future food crops or reclaim pasture, consider goats as a sustainable solution.

But Why Goats?

Goats are superior land managers to other ruminants and pigs because they are natural browsers. They have special gut enzymes that enable them to digest plants that are toxic to other animals, and prefer a mouthful of kudzu to grass. Goats are perfect for the job of clearing homesites in The Reserve On The Saluda because they can go places machinery can’t, such as between the mature oak trees and vine-filled areas, over hills, hollows and creek banks.

Superior Weed Killers

Unlike mowers that cut weeds and allow seeds to lie, goats consume most of the seeds along with the weeds, thereby preventing the brush from coming back again and again. Goats even love to eat poison oak and poison ivy, and it won't hurt them.

How Fast Can Goats Clear Land?

A general rule of thumb is that ten goats will clear an acre in about one month.

So there you have it! What you've always wanted to know about Land Clearing Goats and their temporary presense in a little ole gated community we like to call The Reserve On The Saluda. We hope you'll schedule a visit to view our wonderful remaining homesites soon!

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Land Managing Goats

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